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Managing a rental property as well as administering it requires attention and involvement that not all owners can or want to assume.

Embassy Service’s management service handles all the hassles that stem from renting and maintaining your property.

Our experience guaranties genuine personalized service ensuring the best investment profitability, while monitoring your long-term financial investment.


Many owners entrust Embassy Service with their property whenever it is vacant.

This loyal, trusting relationship allows Embassy Service’s agents to more closely follow the position of a given property in its market and better advise the owners given their main goal: property management or financial investment.

This knowledge of our clients and their properties on the long term has another advantage: Embassy Service may, as a function of market developments and the owner’s goals, point out the advantages of selling the property as opposed to renting.


Embassy Service is also constantly seeking to develop genuine, trusting, loyal relationships with its rental clients, whether they are individuals or multi-national corporations housing their foreign managers in Paris.

Many rental clients have been with us for a number of years, which presents several advantages:

  • providing tailor-made services and advice, with a permanent, personal contact at Embassy Service,
  • our understanding of rental clients’ needs, requirements and tastes becomes more refined over time, allowing us to quickly find the specific property fulfilling them.

This also provides owners the assurance of signing with a trustworthy and undeniably notorious renter.

Apartments, houses or private mansions, furnished or empty: with more than 30 years continuous presence on the Parisian residential market, Embassy Service’s portfolio has become one of the most important and most varied in the rental market. Each client, whether foreign or French, is offered a selection that corresponds perfectly to his needs and desires, in Paris itself as well as the western Paris suburbs.


Embassy Service always has the same professional, rigorous approach before accepting an owner’s mandate.

The property to be rented must meet the rental client’s requirements:

  • the location must be within the neighbourhoods generally requested,
  • the building must meet the standard of quality required, whether it is old or modern,
  • the property itself must meet quality standards: amenities, conveniences, originality.

Embassy Service advises the owner concerning the property’s fair rental value, and then a joint decision is made, so as to find a renter as soon as possible fulfilling the owner’s interests and goals:

  • is it preferable to rent furnished or empty?
  • are long-term renters required, or only for a limited period (a few months to 3 years)?
  • is it necessary to renovate or make improvements, or would they be likely to significantly increase the property’s rental value?



  • sending term notices and receipts,
  • monitoring rental payments and collections,
  • conducting inspection and inventories of fixtures and furniture,
  • conducting annual rent adjustments,
  • verifying required insurance and maintenance contracts,
  • helping renters with claims;


  • conducting any required maintenance, renovation or repairs,
  • calls for bids and monitoring of more important renovations by sub-contractors,
  • verifying various required maintenance contracts;


  • payment of joint-owner expenses,
  • claims management (water damage for example);


  • annual list of fiscal deductions and summary of the amounts to be included on your real estate revenue declaration,
  • fiscal deduction for management costs;

– annual list of fiscal deductions and summary of the amounts to be included on your real estate revenue declaration,
– fiscal deduction for management costs;

For all our services, we will of course send you regular statements, keeping you informed without the bother of daily management.

Finally, we remind you that management costs paid by owners who use property managers may be entirely deducted from real estate revenue.

In compliance with applicable legislation, our management services are governed by a specific written mandate detailing all of Embassy Service’s services.